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Aero-X AG is specialized in fire protection solutions for special hazard applications like mobile- and stationary technical infrastructure, vehicles and equipment. Aero-X AG designs, engineers, develops, offers, installs and maintains fire protection solutions based on the very advanced and effective Stat-X aerosol extinguishing systems and other innovative fire detection, extinguishing and control technology. Designed in Switzerland, Aero-X fire suppression solutions protect people, equipment and assets all over the world. MAKE YOUR SAFETY A REALITY With 20 years of experience in fire protection, we develop our systems in Switzerland following world-leading standards, working with partners all around the globe. All the while, your personal safety requirements are at the heart of what we do. FOR YOUR SAFETY .... WE GO THE EXTRA MILE What price can you put on safety? Unfortunately, you only get to know the answer to this question when you need to cover the costs in the wake of an accident. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have lost goods and infrastructure: they can be replaced, albeit at major expense. However, depending on how fate rolls the dice, people could suffer irreparable damage to their health, or even lose their lives.More than 20 years of experience in fire protection consulting, technology development, training and assembly has taught us one thing: the more you do to keep things safe ahead of time, the less it costs in the long run!That’s where Aero-X comes into play. Our goal is to prevent fires from being able to spread in the first place. We want to stop fires in their tracks, as it were, without putting infrastructure or even human lives at risk (or worse). From the initial consultation to installation and training, right through to maintenance, Aero-X is your one-stop shop. LET'S NOT JUST TALK ABOUT SAFETY. LET'S MAKE SAFETY A REALITY

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